Fruit Infuser Glass Bottle - 16 oz.


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Imprinted glass water bottles infuse your promotion with good taste.


  • Fruit-infused waters or spritzers are perfect for those who like a little flavor with their water.

  • This single-wall glass water bottle is designed for just that!

  • Throw some berries, lemon slices or cucumber into the removable fruit infuser insert and let steep.

  • The strainer lid and infuser design also prevent chunks of pulp and seeds in your water.

  • Screw-on lid removes any potential for spills, especially dark berry juice.

  • Wide mouth opening makes it easy to scrub and fill the personalized water bottle.

  • What a natural, healthy way to make water taste great!

  • Extra-protective packaging is included to reduce the chance of breakage.

  • Size: holds 16-oz.

  • See available colors

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