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Custom Black Magic Mugs

When you pour hot stuff on, it becomes white! And starts turning into black again as when it is cooling down.

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Pickup is Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm
    1. If you need more than 1 mug with a different design, add another mug and design separately, and then add it to the cart.

    1. You can print on both sides, full wrap, or a single side at the same price.

    1. Use the grey area on the mugs to add your images

  1. Customize your mug using our design tool. It's super easy!

Create an awesome mug with a black full-color changing mug!
It's a magic mug!

In essence, thermochromism is the principle on which color-changing mugs and other such objects work.
Since the term 'thermochromism' sounds a bit technical, the paint that they coat the mugs with is called 'heat-sensitive paint' – a paint that is sensitive to changes in temperature.
When you pour hot stuff on it, becomes white! And starts turning into black again as when is cooling down.
As you can see in the below video, it's just turning out white when you pour hot liquid.
There is another way to print that Is white over black and then when becomes white, you can see the black printing.
Check this out:

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